18 method to lose weight

To maintain your weight effectively you rethink your old eating habits and you must determine your behavior is causing you to gain weight.

* What, when, where, why, and consider how you eat. Then make some changes to improve healthy eating style.

* Plan in advance your meals and snacks. The advent of fine dining consumption often leads to a high-calorie intake.

* Take Tokkan shopping. Then go to the grocery store make sure to take a list of your home.

* Stick to a program. There is no compulsory and fast rule for three meals a day diet.

* Not to Pack, eat from the plate.

* Meals nutrients before bringing to the table must divide the portions.

* Eat your food slowly. Which means that you get enough signals arrive in about 20 minutes your brain your stomach.

* ‘Plate gobble’ Forget about instincts.

* Sit consume your meal. Focus on eating your meal.

* Eat only. Watching TV, reading books or you think you consume more quantities of food while driving.

* Choose foods to be consumed for longer.

* After you get up from the table to stop eating.

* When you hear the snack demand (especially when you’re not hungry), to deal with other business.

* Do you consume food when you’re bored? Then please busy yourself with other options.

* Take control of your desire to eat due to emotions.

* Learn how to cope with a positive approach and a more appropriate way within the framework of the emotions.

* Be wary of social situations constitute an eating request.

* Please note: that would be out of sight out of mind. Candy, chips and other high-calorie foods do not keep them around you.

* Be aware of the seasonal food cravings. For example, watching television snack autumn and winter sports, six cans of beer on a hot summer day ‘cooling off’ or like to enjoy both dinner and holidays.

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